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    Default Someone Wants to Have State Imposed No Contact Order Removed

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Florida I was wrongfully arrested in which I was attacked by friend son....i had many injuries they had none...I was arrested because they both used to police...& the officer would not even let me take wallet.I have pics of injuries and a 6 min 911 tape. when i picked copy of tape up...detective ask me"why were you arrested"
    I spent 4 month in protective custody and was kept in cell 24/7 with only occasional rec..nothing...while I was there I lost everything in storage...over $20,000mostly family collectables & many many family photos..Items(were in storage because friend idea I stay with him to save money to buy house, but he drank too much and mean at those times....he ask me to leave and i started looking for place..this all happened several days later....& I told him needed more than a few days..and my mail comes here he cannot force me to leave. a few minutes later is when his son about 170lbs bigger than me)barged in and attacked me.......anyway he dropped the case 1 month later but state kept it, then 3 months after that they dropped (even though they had copy of tape long time, made me stay in Jail. I thought I had bank card # memorized but didnt..I called storage people from jail and they accepted collect call because they knew of my GREAT stuff....but If I would have had my wallet I could of had the nmber and saved stuff. anyway...myfiend does not want this order...he is very sorry and wants to find a way to clear my name without incriminating himself & get file to get rid of no contact order...he would also testify for law suit.

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    Default Re: Someone Wants to Have State Imposed No Contact Order Removed

    Would you please try again and use English? Your story is not clear at all.

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