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    Default Medical Bills as a Result of a Personal Injury Claim

    I was involved in a auto accident in 1998. the statue for the PI claim has already expired. there was no recovery from the other drivers company because i contributed to the accident.
    In the first years after the accident, i received medical bills and reminders of the unpaid balances. I have no health insurance or any other type of insurance that covers the bills.
    am I still responsible to pay for these outstanding medical bills?, it has been 7 years since the date of service. what is the statue in Virginia for this type of matter. And also, do you follow the statue on where the services where rendered (VA) or where the medical providers are located (or from the main billing office)?
    thank you for your help.

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    Default Virginia Medical Debt

    Generally speaking, the Virginia statute of limitations which applies will be the one of the state where the contract is entered. The limitations period ordinarily begins to run on the date service is rendered, the date of the last charge to an open account, or the date of the last payment toward the debt, whichever is later. The limitations period for written contracts in Virginia is five years; that probably governs collection of the medical debts. If you have a lot of debts, you may wish to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer about your situation, as bankruptcy laws will soon change significantly and you may now be able to avail yourself of relief that will no longer be available if your case remains pending in October.

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