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    Default Personal Information Loss by University

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: FL

    I wasn't sure which forum topic would be the best for this since none of them involve Identity Theft.

    As you may or may not be aware, a University in Florida had an insecure system that contained ~200,000 Student's personal information of both students and eligible students. This includes social security numbers, address, DOB, etc. The only information the University has given me is that my information was stolen, they have fixed the problem, and that I should protect myself by: A. Using the free website, and to place a 90 day credit alert with the bureaus.

    I've had my information lost in the past, and normally those companies will give you 1+ years of identity theft protection through a 3rd party. However, in this case, they have not mentioned that and could not offer me a satisfiable answer when I called them asking for it.

    Overall, in the case of an organization, private or public that allows your information to become lost or stolen, do I have any legal recourse or are there any laws governing the obligations that organizations have to take if they lose or allow to be stolen, someone's personal information?


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    Default Re: Personal Information Loss by University

    They advised you how to proceed. That is your recourse. You have not proved any damages.

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    Default Re: Personal Information Loss by University

    Tell us about your economic loss. If you have no damages, what do you believe you would sue for.

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    Default Re: Personal Information Loss by University

    2 Areas To Address
    1. Currently no economic loss. I would like to pay for services to monitor my identity however I feel the burden of payment should not be on me due to someone else's negligence. From a punitive standpoint, it stressful to know that my identity, good name, and credit worthiness can easily be ruined now through no fault of my own.

    2. I am not aware of the privacy laws in Florida surrounding personally identifiable information loss... if any even exist besides HIPPA related stuff.

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    Default Re: Personal Information Loss by University

    You can't sue for something that has not happened and may never happen.

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