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    Default Caught With Drugs, Held Without Bond

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    My friend was arrested and was able to bail out but unable to come up with the bail before he went to court. After he went to his first court appearance, his bail was reduced, which only one charge had a bail amount. But now it say's "Not Eligible For Release, Bailable Cases, But No Release". But there is no court date scheduled for that charge. He has been trying to contact his public defender and she hasn't spoken to my friend yet. How do we find out why he's not eligible for bail.

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    Default Re: Not Eligible for Release, Bailable Cases, but No Release;

    What, exactly, is your friend charged with?

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    Default Re: Not Eligible for Release, Bailable Cases, but No Release;

    It sounds like like your friend is being held for multiple reasons. Why the case you mention is bailable, he may being held on a hold for probation or parole violations, immigration or a case from another jurisdiction.

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    Default Re: Caught With Drugs, Held Without Bond

    Perhaps it's a probation hold.

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