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    Default First OWI at .16 and Interlock Requirement

    My question involves civil law for the state of: Wisconsin

    I just received my 1st OWI and received a BAC of .16 which is also I believe what is called a PAC. If you are over .15 it is required that you have an interlock device in any vehicle registered or owned in your name. I know the minimum time to have an interlock device is one year but I don't believe it starts counting until you actually get your occupational/regular drivers license.

    If I don't own a car and the time comes after 6-9 months for me to get my license back, am I required to have proof that I installed the interlock device even though I don't own a car or have one registered in my name? I know I would be required to an interlock in a vehicle if I did get it back.

    Also does the requirement for a year start right when you get your occupational or license back? Would there be any chance with a lawyer he could lower the BAC I registered down to .14?



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    Default Re: First OWI at .16 and Interlock Requirement

    Once the requirement kicks in, you can only drive vehicles with an interlock device installed. You cannot get an occupational license until you have proof in hand that you've installed an interlock device. The IID restriction begins begins when you are issued an occupational license or reinstate your driving privileges.

    The statutory language is mandatory. You can consult local lawyers to see what they can do for you, but I'm not optimistic that you'll be able to avoid the requirement.

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