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    Default Bought Car That Dealer Didn't Disclose Salvage Title

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Tennessee

    I purchased a 2000 Civic from a buy here pay here used car dealer for $5k in late September (2012). I put down $2400 for him to finance it. After receiving my tags and registration in the mail I found out it that it has a rebuilt title. I did an AutoCheck Report on it and it has been salvaged twice. I have made 2 payments on the car, and have a total of $2600 invested in it. He failed to mention it being rebuilt or salvaged and it's not mentioned in the paperwork. I've read that it's illegal not to disclose this before selling a rebuilt/salvaged car. The dealer said he would refund me $1700 back. Should I seek legal help to try to get the whole $2600 back, or just take his offer?

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    Default Re: Bought Car That Dealer Didn't Disclose Salvage Title

    Are you having any issues with the cars performance? The only out I see is if you were not provided with a Used Car Buyers Guide, per Federal law.

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    Default Re: Bought Car That Dealer Didn't Disclose Salvage Title

    So, the dealer is offering to reduce the purchase price from $5,000 to $3,300 due to the rebuilt title? What outcome do you want? Is the car malfunctioning? Can you get a better car for $3,300?

    If you believe the dealership knew that the car had a rebuilt title and misled you, the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission will accept your complaint here. Online records show that there can be serious penalties for such non-disclosure.

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