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    Default Citation Dismissal for "Facing Against the Flow of Traffic" with Incorrect Info

    My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: Indiana

    The road involved runs N/S and is inside an apt. complex (which I'm told is city property but they have never heard of a parking ticket issued) I was parked facing North in the "Southbound" lane. (quotes because the road isn't wide enough to really be north/south and the north side is lined with perpendicular parking spaces that often have cars sticking out into the lane) The Citation says I was parked facing South in the Northbound lane, theres not even a curb on that side. I realize it's a small mistake but I can honestly go plead not guilty to what is written, should I? It's only $20, I'm more annoyed an officer was bored enough to write a ticket inside our edition. (or tickets if the other cars facing north got them too)

    Also, if it makes a difference, there has been no traffic patrol in the 4 years I've lived here and cars are pretty commonly parked facing both directions, ususally for ease of leaving in a certain direction since the road is narrow anyway.

    Thanks a ton.

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    Default Re: Citation Dismissal for "Facing Against the Flow of Traffic" with Incorrect Info

    If the road is a city street, the citation is likely valid. Most cities have laws against parking against the flow. They haven't written a ticket here in years, is not a valid defense.

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    Default Re: Citation Dismissal for "Facing Against the Flow of Traffic" with Incorrect Info

    Take your chance on getting the ticket dismissed, if it isn't dismissed, the court will tack on court fees to the fine.
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