My question involves court procedures for the state of: Michigan

A little info about the case, I was sued by a junk debt buyer and recently attended the pretrial conference. The rent a lawyer came with nothing but a Default Judgment in his hand, assuming i was going to be a no-show. I think he may have been at a loss for words because i showed up and he had nothing to offer as for a settlement,we sat down in a separate room and he asked how much can you pay and i offered $0.00. He told me to wait in the court room, We waited for our names to be called and spoke with the judge(in a private room),Judge was extremely nice and set discovery for 60 days and trial in 90 days. Judge also noted on the pretrial worksheet that the JDB must provide Valid chain of title and proof of debt to me. What would constitute a valid chain of title and proof of debt? Also the Judge told me he was going to give me 30 days to Amend my pleadings,he said they were close but i could do better and recommended i sit down with a lawyer. Does anyone have experience with a lawyer in central MI they can recommend? I have called a few and none of them seem real interested. Thank You.