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    Default Can SSA Tell My Employer I Receive SSDI

    hi, i am on ssdi and i work part time, about 10 hours a week. i know that i am not REQUIRED to tell my pt employer that i receive ssdi, but my question is: CAN social security admin tell my employer that i do receive ssdi? i would rather my employer not know because i dont want to be treated differently (and yes i do know about americans with disabilities act).

    someone told me that ssa might contact my employer and ask about my progress. thats why i am asking (again because i dont want employer to know.)

    thank you for your help

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    Default Re: Can SSA Tell My Employer I Receive SSDI

    Yes they may. Part of their decision making criteria for giving you SSDI, is to determine whether working part-time can enable you to return to the work force in a manner allowing them to cancel your benefits.

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    Default Re: Can SSA Tell My Employer I Receive SSDI

    If SSA needs to know about the amount of your wages and you don't supply it by submitted paycheck stubs on a regular (even monthly) basis, then SSA will contact your employer at some point. SSA needs to know your monthly wages in order to determine your trial work period.

    If you state that your employer is giving you easier duties than the rest of the employees, then SSA has an obligation to verify that with your employer in order to determine if you are engaging in substantial gainful activity or not.

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