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    Default Contractor Left Tools and Never Completed the Job

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: ohio

    I found a contractor to install some paver bricks for me for a walkway and some other areas. no contract was signed. I told him the job needed to be completed in 2 weeks. after the agreement on a friday, he was supposed to start that monday. but due to a death in the family he started on that weds but only put in a few hours. after a few days of him not showing up I contacted him and told him the deadline we agreed to and that the city was complaining about the areas dug up and left open (safety issue) he then came 2 days later to do alittle more work but only a few hours. this was over about a 2 week period. after the deadline came and gone. I tried contacting him though calls and text messages and went unanswered. finally about 3-4 after that i got a vm from him saying he got arrested and plans on finishing the job and will be back the next day. he never showed and never responded to calls or text since then. its been about a 2 weeks since ive heard from him. I left him a vm and text 10 days ago stating that i am finding someone else to finish the job and for him to come pick up his tools (which he left outside the whole time, been 5 weeks since we made the agreement) he only got about 20% of the job done and i already had the job completed in 2 days by someone else.

    I only have his phone number, if i had his address i would send a certified letter but i do not. is a vm and text message find to give him notice to pick up his tools? how long of a notice do i need to give? Im worried that since he left them outside and if something happens to them i am liable. how soon can i consider the toold abondoned property?

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    Default Re: Contractor Left Tools and Never Completed the Job

    Ohio does not have statutes that address this situation.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the tools don't even belong to the contractor - have you taken a close enough look to see if they're labeled with any ownership information (including anything suggesting that they're rented)?

    You can check with your local police department (in person or by a non-emergency number) to see if they will take custody of the items, relieving you of further responsibility.

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