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    Default Someone Posted Pictures of Me in My Underwear to the Internet Without My Consent

    My question involves defamation in the state of: California.

    I am a woman in Los Angeles County. I just discovered that photos of me changing clothes in my house (I'm in my bra but not naked) were posted to a website with an obviously sexual purpose. They were taken by a stranger as far as I know, but could easily have been taken by a neighbor. I live on the first floor and my curtains were apart, which you can see in the pics, so I'm afraid there's nothing I can do because I was in view. I contacted the website and they took the pics down, and I've asked them to give me the IP address of the person who posted the photos but I haven't heard back. Before I hire an attorney (I can't afford it without a contingency), I'd like to know what laws specifically - "Tort X Section xxx" specific, please - could provide me with some recourse once I can identify the person who took the pics. The photos were obviously being used for sexual purposes and certainly have no redeeming value.

    If a timeline will help:
    -Some time in the middle of June - it is impossible to determine exactly when other than when I purchased the bra - an unknown person took photos of me in my underwear through my window without my knowledge.
    -Later, but still in June, the images were posted to a website (the site had timestamps in months only).
    -On October 7th, a friend alerted me to the presence of the photos on the website. I sent an e-mail to the webmaster and they removed the pics.

    What possible avenues do I have? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Someone Posted Pictures of Me in My Underwear to the Internet Without My Consent

    Keep your curtains closed when changing. For the equivalent coverage of a bikini, you will be spending a lot of money you will likely never recover and accomplish little.

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    Default Re: Someone Posted Pictures of Me in My Underwear to the Internet Without My Consent

    Well you can likely get an injunction to have the photo taken off if it was taken without your consent. Then it possible to get damages for invasion of privacy/intrusion to seclusion whatever you want to call it. Another remedy is known as appropriation if someone is making money of your image without your consent. Maybe if these website put it up negligently a negligence claim, but kind of a stretch there are definitely options, but there are never any guarantees in court.

    One problem with internet sites is jurisdiction if this site is in some foreign country America may not have jurisdiction that comes up sometimes. Furthermore, you can't always win against a website if you know who took the pictures and can prove it you can include them in a lawsuit. You can join parties in any suit so name anyone you think may be responsible. However, I am just an anonymous internet poster you should speak to an attorney to get this done it is possible you can get this done on a contingency basis. Some good places to find an attorney are the California Bar website, this site, a really good one is legal, and a few others are out there. California also has something known as self-help centers in every county's courthouse which can help you fill out the paperwork for free. However, with the recent budget cuts they may only be doing family law stuff not real sure.

    Hopefully some of that helps sounds like a really annoying situation good luck!

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