My question involves medical malpractice in the state ofennsylvania in july 2011 i had a calcaneus fracture [heel bone] motorcycle accident . i was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery where they closed up my wound . i was then told i would need another surgery to fix my heel bone [plate and 9 screws] . i had to stay in the hospital for 3 days untill they did the main surgery . the pain was horrible . when you have an injury like this there is a risk for compartment syndrome , wich is severe swelling and elevated pressure in a specific compartment underneath your skin . this can cause nerve damage contracture and tissue death if not decompressed immediatly . they never really checked for it in my case . i went to have the main surgery 3 days later at 7:30 in the morning after the surgery i felt fine because the put a nerve block in that totaly numbs your limb. that wore off at about 10 that night and the pain was so bad my jaw locked up it was unbelievable , two interns came in tried to tell me to calm down but i could not , they cut my splint open and elevated my foot and evetually gave me something that just knocked me out . the next day at about 11:00 in the morning the same intern came in looking very worried and told me how sorry she was for what happened the night before, then she quickly asked if i could move my toes and i could a little bit then she moved them herself and i almost jumped through the roof and she said sorry twice then she quickly left the room . later i found that this is a test to see if you may have compartment syndrome in your foot [ pain with passive dorseflextion of toes] if you do they are sapposed to do pressure tests wich they never did. i went home a couple of days later still in horrible pain so i assumed the splint was too tight . after about 4 days i went to the emergency room and they lust changed the splint . about a week later i went to the doctors office where they removed the splint and replaced it wth a boot thats when i noticed all the nerve damage i had i couldnt spread my toes apart . they feel like they are glued together and i also have extremely painfull nerve damage on the bottom of my foot . after a couple of months i noticed my toes where begining to claw they are like fixed and wont flex right anymore. when i told the doctor this he looked concerned but quickly changed the subject and any time i would bring it up he would get real defensive and just not discuss it . i later found out on my own that all the symptoms i have are classic signs of a missed or undiagnosed compartment syndrome. i am left with problems walking every day and from what i have read they are permanent. any advise on if i have a case for malpractice would be helpfull .