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    Default Police Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: Tennessee

    I'm a 62 year old registered nurse, married to my husband for 34 years, permanently disabled from a back injury in 2004, never been arrested, never had a psychiatric diagnosis. In June 2012, six police cars arrived at my house and I was forcibly taken to the mental hospital on orders from "my psychiatrist," who claimed I was psychotic and suicidal, despite the fact that:

    1 the psychiatrist Dr.U. never met nor spoke with me or my husband and made the referral as a favor to her sister who is a friend of my estranged husband following a domestic dispute when I was attempting to flee the state;
    2 I was never examined by a healthcare professional prior to pickup;
    3 there was no Certificate of Need signed by a physician as required by law for involuntary commitment in TN
    4 I vehemently objected but did not physically resist or otherwise disrespect the Officers.

    Upon admission to the mental hospital, I was judged to be NOT psychotic and suicidal by 4 healthcare professionals. The hospital therapist phoned Dr.U. who admitted that she didn't know me and called me in as a favor to her sister. On Day 3 of my involuntary confinement, I was allowed to leave AMA when I notified hospital administration that my congressman, my senator and Medicare Fraud and Abuse would be notified of my situation. All this information was documented in my medical record of which I obtained a copy.

    1 I have been told by the Police Department that no report of this episode was ever made and that the episode "did not happen."
    2 My complaint to the Memphis Police Chief, Director of Internal Affairs and City Mayor have been ignored.
    3 This is at a time when 23 Memphis Police Officers have been arrested for crimes so far THIS YEAR.

    My questions are:
    1 Does this qualify as kidnapping and false imprisonment by the Police?
    2 Does this qualify as a complaint that would be considered by the United States Justice Department or the U.S. Attorney General?
    3 Does my complaint have special merit because I'm elderly and disabled?

    BTW, I have filed official allegations of abuse with the TN Board of Licensure of Healthcare Professionals against the 3 healthcare professionals who violated my civil liberties. In addition, I have filed allegations of Medicare Fraud and Abuse with the Inspector General of the Department of Human Services against all the doctors and hospitals that billed Medicare for services that "weren't medically necessary."

    Any feedback or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Marjorie

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    Default Re: Police Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

    You being elderly or disabled means little. If the police had reason to believe that the order to pick you up, it was not kidnapping nor false imprisonment, nor do you have any action against them. It appears the person who filed the improper order, Dr. U is to blame. You're also completely off the wall with regard to medicare fraud. Absent some interstate aspect to this case (or some other federal issue), there is not going to be any interest at he US DOJ level. If the local police will not act upon this to your satisfaction, you need to try the TN Attorney General's office. They maintain their own investigative division.

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