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    Default Expiration of a No Contact Order

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Texas.

    My boyfriend is the alleged abuser of my child in a CPS case that recently closed. There was a no contact order placed on him and I am unaware of the length I do not recall a date or anything specific on the order. What would be the expiration on this no contact order? I will have to look for my paperwork to see if I just overlooked it.

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    Default Re: Expiration of a No Contact Order

    There's no way we can know this - you'll have to check.
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    Default Re: Expiration of a No Contact Order

    I'm afraid you haven't reached the psychic network (and even if someone from TX familiar with system happened by your post, they couldn't know from your post whether this is a temporary restraining order or whether you've had a hearing on it).

    Obviously, your last sentence/statement makes sense. Even if the paperwork doesn't mention, naturally your next step would be to contact the relevant prosecutor's office/whomever was involved with getting it issued.

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