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    Unhappy Banned From Store After Stealing

    My question involves criminal law for the state of:
    I was caught shoplifting target massachussets , the lost prevention man ,caught me whwen i was ready to go before leave the store after i paid the rest of the clothes ,, i had 2 kids with me ,, i went back to the room ,, he find same clothes in my back inthe amount 60$,, he took my Id ,, my picture and i signed the letter that i am not allowed to go back for 1 year to the store ,,ge told me to paid the fine that they will sent to my house ,, this happend at march 7,, i din;t get yet any fee to pay and i dont knoww what to do ,,,I am not going to the store for one year but what happend after 1 year i can go back ,, what happend to me ,, wil beany charger ,, because he told me that wiil be nothing with police because i had my kids with me ,,,,I feel so ashamed and mad with myself ,, never i did this before and never again ,,, I don't feel good from that day .. ia am very worried please help me with a answer

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    Just call the store and ask them. They may have sent it to the wrong address, or maybe (unlikely) they've just let it go. Once you call them, you'll have a better idea of what you need to do next. Good luck!

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    Concur with Christina, you need to call the store. Ask to speak with someone in Loss Prevention, they will have the necessary information.

    It's not unusual for it to take a while to receive a Civil Demand. Stores like Target bust shoplifters several times a day, and their Civil Demands are handled from one central location. They're often quite backlogged.
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    Consider yourself fortunate! You really should've gone to jail! Shoplifting with your kids in tow?!?!?

    If that'd been my 'hood the Law would've taken your kids to DCFS and you to jail with a charge of child endangerment at the very least!!!

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    Actually, Daviolsh@1968, you're very lucky not to have DCFS involved! What you did could have been construed as a bigger deal than it has! And, from the way you typed out your situation, I suppose it is entirely possible the Civil Demand may have been sent to the wrong address or returned to sender for illegibility? Atrocious spelling and punctuation make it almost impossible to decipher your post to help you with your situation! If you actually *do* get your Civil Demand, pay it in full and be done with it. Also, stay away from that stores property for a *long* time...

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