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    Default MIP on a Driving Record

    I have a legal concern involving my conviction of "minor in possesion" and "minor in consumption in" 1999. As my punishment for these actions, I had to write an essay, go on probation for six months, and the conviction was supposed to only go on my record until I was 17 and then it was to be removed.

    My insurance just went up because they say I have a minor in possession on my driving record. That was supposed to have been removed by now. I contacted the court system and they told me that the law changed and they cannot take it off my record, but they did say it was removed off my court record.

    I believe they made a mistake, and this is costing me money. Would this be a worthwhile case to pursue?

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    Default Driving Record versus Criminal Record

    The issue of what may appear on your criminal record, as opposed to what may appear on your driving record, are two separate issues. In some states, and it sounds like this change was made in your state, a charge which carried drivers license "points" can remain on your driving record even if a court took it under advisement and it was ultimately discharged. I suggest you contact a lawyer in your county who handles drunk driving defense or traffic cases, and discuss the details of your case with that attorney.

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