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    I live in california. I found a money order for $220.00 in a parking lot with nothing filled out. The reciept stub was also attached. I just thought of it like finding some money on the ground, so i used it to pay my utilities bills. a month or two later a cop showed up at my house and issued me a ticket for a misdemeanor petty theft (traced it from the utility company). This is my first offence, (aside from a traffic infraction.)

    I didn't even think of it as stealing. I try to be a law abiding citizen. I don't want to steal from anyone, much less have a criminal record.

    Is this something i should be super worried about? Should i have a lawyer? Is it likely i could get it knocked down to an infraction? Would bringing a replacement money order as a sign of good faith be a good or bad idea?

    any advice would be super appreciated. Thank you.

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    What is the specific charge that was filed - the statute number?

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    It was 484 PC Petty Theft, with the little misdemeanor 'm' circled.

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    Since you had the receipt and the money order had a signature, you could assume it was someone elses property and if you had returned it to the place of issue or even the police you would not have violated the law.

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    The money order had no signature on it (it was completely blank), and it wasn't the receipt for the purchase, it was the stub that is attached when you buy the money order. It didn't have a bank name on it or anything, so i didn't know where it was from. After talking with the officer, it was made abundantly clear to me i should have turned it into the authorities. But that awareness has come a few months too late.

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