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    Default Employer Deducted School Costs From Wages After Resignation Within a Year

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: NC

    I work as a flat rate tech for a trucking company. When I was hired I believe the service manager at the time wasn't doing his job completely and did no paper work on me and had me sign nothing. I didn't know at the time because it was never stated that the companies policy is that if I go to school for anything and quit within a year of the school I have to pay it back. When I quit I had 2 schools I had completed in the last year. My last paycheck was very small due to them not paying me for the 3 days I was in class and for the class itself.

    My question is, is this legal since I have not signed anything saying they could do this, not even an employment hand book. I don't believe I should or am liable for these costs since I was never made aware that I was supposed to pay back this.

    FYI, so far they only charged me for one class which in comparison is a very small amount to the first class. I put my 2 weeks in the day after I finished the second class.

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    Default Re: Employer Took School Wages Out Without Permission in North Carolina

    So you're saying these are classes that they paid for initially?

    NC is very big on having things in writing. If you didn't sign anything agreeing to repay them, I doubt that the NC Wage and Hour people would permit the withdrawal. Give them a call.

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    Default Re: Employer Deducted School Costs From Wages After Resignation Within a Year

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