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    Default Adopting sister's baby

    My sister and her boyfriend found out she is pregnant again. They have one child between them and he has one with his ex-wife and she has one with her ex-boyfriend. So together they have 3 children and are financially not ready for a 4th. They want to give their baby up to my husband and I. I have no experience in adoption and this would be our first child. We've been married for 12 yrs. Can we get some tips on how to get started? We live in FL and my sister lives in VA. Is it easier to adopt when it's in the family than to go through an adoption agency? What costs are we looking at? Is this hard? Sorry for all the questions.

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    It's generally easier to adopt within a family than outside of a family. Many states reduce the requirements associated with the adoption, such as by eliminating the need for a home study. You would probably want the baby to be born in the state where you intend the adoption to occur. You can read Virginia's adoption laws here, and Florida's here. If you wish to try to figure out what a lawyer would charge to handle this for you, unfortunately all I can really do is suggest calling a few law offices for prices.

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