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    Default How Can I Evict a Person Who is Listed As an Occupant on My Lease

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: FLORIDA.

    I dont know exactly what to do..this is my first time going through any of this period. Im renting out a place. Im the one who signed the lease and I listed my friend as an occupant. Well long story short i had asked her to leave because she didnt have money for the rent and the month before she was also short so I had to cover what she was short on. She hasnt paid her utility bills for last month either. She told me she was going to leave the first week of september but secretly kept on pushing the date. She has recently for like 2 weeks now been staying with a friend on the other side of town somewhere. She still has a key to my house, she has some of her belongings locked in her room. She can easily come to my house and steal any of my stuff or damage any of my property (yes we are on really bad terms rite now) i dont want to change the locks yet because i dont know if that is legal at the moment. She hasnt been to house period in the last 2 weeks. She says i cant touch her property but i wanted to know can i move the stuff to the garage so I can empty out the room already? Also what can i do to get her out? Can i call it "abandonment"? Also if I was to get an eviction paper for her I dont have a forwarding mailing address for her or her new cell phone number. (just facebook). What can I legally do to get her out asap?!

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    Default Re: How Can I Evict a Person Who is Listed As an Occupant on My Lease

    Given that this person is named as an occupant on your lease, despite your being the named tenant and solely responsible for the rent, that complicates any argument that you might make that this person is your subtenant. With their expressly being named as an occupant on the lease, you'll also have issues if you try to lock the person out as it establishes legal residency. You can talk to your landlord about changing the locks in the event that you can establish abandonment. You can't realistically argue that a legal occupant of an apartment has "abandoned" property she keeps in the apartment.

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