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    Default What's the Penalty for Failing to Pay Support

    My question involves child support in the State of: Virginia

    My cousin owes back child support to a govt assistance program for her daughter. She hasn't paid in about 5 years and she missed a court hearing over a year ago which caused her to have a bench warrant issued. She has been "on the run" for over a year.

    On Sept 6 she showed up (high as a kite) to court & the judge placed her in custody without bail until her hearing on the 27th. She has a 12 month sentence hanging over her head for this.

    Also on Sept 6 the judge placed her 3 month old son with my husband and I.

    1. What information will the judge use to determine if she is sentenced to jail time? (The reason I ask this is because this is the same judge that removed her daughter from her almost 7 years ago)
    2. If the child support is paid (doubtful) could she still get jail time?
    3. Do judges normally give jail time for failing to pay child support?


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    Default Re: What's the Penalty for Failing to Pay Support

    We have no information about the nature of the proceeding (e.g., criminal contempt, civil contempt, felony nonsupport prosecution...), so we're in no position to comment.

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