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    Default Cannot Get Utility Service to Renovate a Dilapidated Building

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Virginia

    So I had no idea where to post this at all, I searched all the forum topic names and couldn't find one that fit this. So I hope this is in the right area.

    In 2009 I bought an abandoned schoolhouse turned hotel with apartment in order to make 2 apartments. One for my dad and one for myself. I gave the electric company $150.00 deposit.

    Before I could do any work on the building my dad became ill and I had to work and take care
    of him. Dad passed away. In November 2011, I put up a temporary electric pole, had it inspected and
    it passed. I moved into my RV so I could use my paychecks to start fixing up my property. I applied for electricity and was denied. I was told I could not live in my RV on this property. So I moved
    into the boarding house at work. I asked again and the planning and zoning would not accept my

    In May 2012 I quit my job and moved out of state thinking I might be allowed electricity if I proved I didn't
    live on the property. Once again I was denied.

    In February of 2012 I was informed this building is an original Rosenwald Schoolhouse built in 1924
    and is considered a landmark. Also in February 2012 I was informed by the county officials that this building is considered a nuisance. In June I was told the windows will have to be boarded up by September 28, 2012.

    I am having difficulty getting anyone to work on the building in order to comply with the ordinance. The building was abandoned in 1980 and is full of debris with nails and weak floors. Anyone working on the building needs electric lights for safety and electric power tools because battery power tools won't do the job.

    In April a committee was formed to try to save the building. The building inspector informed me on September 12, 2012 that if the building is not boarded up by September 28, 2012, it will have to be torn down by September 28, 2012. This is impossible. He said he could not help me unless the committee gave him actual dates of events. I do not know how long it will take to get grant money for a feasibility study. The feasibility study cannot be completed until the building is gutted and that can not be done without electricity. I do not know how long it will take to raise a half million dollars that is estimated to restore the building to its original state, or how long it will take for labor.

    The committee and Claire Collins my County Supervisor has asked for an opportunity to save the building. These are my neighbors, friends, and some former students who are asking for time.

    All I want is to get the building boarded up to comply for now. If the committee cannot come up with
    a plan by January 2013, I will put it on the market to see if anyone or any group is interested in buying it. If it does not sell by August 2013, I will have it torn down during the fall of 2013 when the weather is cool enough to work comfortably.

    In August 2012 I asked the head commissioner, Mr. Gilcrest, to help me get electricity. In June and September , 2012 I asked Claire Collings to help me get electricity. So far no answer. September 14, 2012 I asked my Representative Mr. Goodlette for help. He has not answered, but it was short notice.

    I just don't know what to do next. I am open to suggestions. Please help me if you can.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Cannot Get Utility Service to Renovate a Delapidated Building

    If the building is not safe for electrical service, it's not safe for electrical service. Get a generator.

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    Default Re: Cannot Get Utility Service to Renovate a Delapidated Building

    I know there are not a shortage of generators in Virginia. Buy one to run the power equipment on.

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    Default Re: Cannot Get Utility Service to Renovate a Delapidated Building

    You need to comply with the county order our they will hire a company to tear the building down and then sue you for the money that they have spent.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.......

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    Default Re: Cannot Get Utility Service to Renovate a Delapidated Building

    All you need to board the building up is some plywood and cordless drills. Failing that, rent a generator. Go get that done!

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    Default Re: Cannot Get Utility Service to Renovate a Delapidated Building

    Where are you asking for the power to be connected. If you're getting a construction site drop (commonly called a "saw pole") you should be able to do that and use that for your construction purposes. If you are trying to get power wired to the building, there is no chance of that. What it sounds like you need is an electrician who knows the codes and what Virginia Power (or whoever serves your area) needs rather than legal help.

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