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    Default Finding and Suing Ex-Husband

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California (plaintiff has moved to Florida, I believe though).

    Good afternoon,

    I hope someone here will be able to help with the following, I will list some bullet points of the situation before getting into my main question;

    - 2 x student loans in the vicinity $100k
    - Listed in ex-husband's name, myself listed as cosigner
    - Loans had been deferred and also a forbearance placed by in effect by my ex
    - Divorce decree states that he is responsible for the loans and any damages I incur as a result (I am aware that this doesn't absolve me in the eyes of the lender)
    - Ex has made no payments, since loans became due
    - I have made ~$11k in payments thus far to protect my credit
    - I have spent ~$1.5k to try and find him, to no avail but believe he may have moved to Florida with his new wife

    I have not hired a lawyer yet, as from my understanding he can be served via letter to our divorce lawyer that he is in contempt of a court order on the divorce decree, BUT cannot be served remotely for monies entitled to me as a result.

    My main question is, what are my legal options for finding him?

    I have his SSN, D/L, email, Facebook page, last known address, parents address plus a lot more! I have paid a lot of money for the so called "person searches" via the web but only come up with outdated information however through contacts have been able to confirm his last known address and a forwarding address (which turned out to be a family member of his) but alas no concrete data on where he is.

    Is it legal for me to put out adverts (craigslist, newspapers etc maybe a Facebook group!) offering a reward for finding him?
    Does anyone have any suggestions for what my next move could be?

    I know I have left out plenty of information, but please let me know what further you need.

    Best Regards
    desperately seeking C.J.T

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    Default Re: Finding and Suing Ex-Husband

    Hire a PI. You must also consider whether he will have the means to repay them, even if you can successfully drag him into court.

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    Default Re: Finding and Suing Ex-Husband

    Your best/easiest option is to pay for a few hours of time from a Florida private investigator. Most can easily access things like DHSMV records (drivers license and vehicle registrations), property appraiser databases (home or property ownership), court records, and the like. You can do some of that yourself, if you've got the patience to check potentially 64 counties, one by one, (only about half are online records, the rest you've got to go TO the offices), then fight with the forms, the fees, waiting on the mail both ways, etc.

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