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    Default Disabled Parent, Retroactive Benefit Paid to One Child but Not Another

    My parents were divorced when my brother and I were very young, maybe 3 and 4. We are both in our 40's now. He never paid child support and was later injured and later lived off of disablity. A few years back my brother recieved a check for about thirty thousand dollars, from Social Security. They said it was backpay from his father. When I called, they acted like I didnt know what I was talking about? Does anyone have a clue?? Thanks

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    Default Re: Social Security Benefits

    Possibly misplaced back child support that mom was supposed to receive. I would question his entitlement to it.

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    Default Re: Social Security Benefits

    A few years back? What year? Did your brother share his award letter with you?

    There was a project called Special Disability Workload that applied to SSI recipients who should have been SSDI recipients if SSA had taken their claims at the right time. There was alot of manpower devoted to those cases - the best and brightest claims reps worked those files for hours and hours and hours. Can't remember the number of SSN's involved, but there is probably a stat on it somewhere.

    If your father was one of these SDW cases, then it is possible that when his benefits were processed for payment that the children named on the application may also been contacted for an application. Were you and your brother or you and your father in contact with each other when this all went down? If SSA couldn't find you, they could not have been able to take a claim from you and would have sent a notice to the last known address that told you the time limit for filing a claim which probably also expired a few years ago.

    Pure speculation on my part. It is a good guess though. My guess is that you are out of luck, but you can always file a claim now as the dependent of your father. You will have a hard time finding an employee who was one of those experts since they are mostly retired now and the new employees may not have the specialized knowledge, especially not the ones on the front line who answer the phone and make appointments.

    It would help if your brother would give you a copy of his award letter. My best guess is that it is too late.

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