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    Default 14-Year-Old Child Caught Shoplifting

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: California
    Hi, so I got caught for shoplifting at Kohl's this was my first time I ever shoplifted and I got caught. I cooperated with the manager and cops, but I lied about my name and address because I thought they would fine me and I did not want that to happen because our family is not financially stable. Cop said the juvenile record does not show up when I turn in my college application but I'm not sure it does or not, that is my biggest concern right now. My other concern is what will happen at the court, would I get fined or others. I'm not sure what the court looks like and how they are gonna judge me so im really nervous right now and I still don't know why I shoplifted.

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    Default Re: 14-Year-Old Child Caught Shoplifting

    When you get to court and have to explain your stealing and your lying?

    The court is going to look at your home, school, and community records, along with your prior involvements with the police and law enforcement. We don't know any of that information. Beyond the lying and stealing, how do you think you'll come across in court?

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