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    Default How to Make a Claim Over a DMV Mistake

    If the CA DMV makes a mistake and you are liable for fees (towing/impound/administrative), you can file a court claim DMV document to make your case for getting the fees paid returned to you.

    You must use CA DMV Form 10, Court Claim Form (under $1000). There is also a form for claims under $10,000.

    This is not available on the CA DMV website, so you must call Customer Communications and request that one is mailed to you.

    DMV Customer Communications: 916.657.6560.

    This form is not widely advertised by the DMV, and after much trouble rooting it out I wanted to share this information with any others who may be seeking returned fees that were a result of a DMV error.

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    Default Re: How to Make a Claim Over a DMV Mistake

    Thank you for the information.

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