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    Unhappy Abuse and Neglect Allegations in a Custody Case

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: arizona

    little long winded
    my sister is 18 almost 19 she had a baby the 8th of august this year during the last few months of her pregnancy she was living with our birth mother at the time my sister had no where else to go she and her fiance were fighting. now shes not sure who the father is but at the time she signed the birth certificate she just put one of the guys she suspected to be the father on the guy suspected is a little off he told my sister she would NOT be with anyone else but him she was his and one time when he got mad at her(3 days after the baby was born) he ripped the baby up by the blanket (he was swaddled) and he fell out of the blanket and back down on the little baby tray and he even punched the walls and just went off when she said she did NOT want to be with him. our birth mother tried to control my sister and made it know SHE wanted the baby my sister had to lie and say she was going to come visit me to get away from her and the guy on the certificate .our mother is married to a creep who stays drugged up 24/7 and is violent (have pics and videos and tons of other proof) one time he was so drugged up he went in and tried to put the baby in the microwave!!!!! but was stopped in time my sister had enough and was in fear for both their safety but like I said was being controlled and forced to do things she was even forced to sleep in the same bed as our mother!! even tho our birth mother is married it was just a sick situation and now that shes left and free and back with her fiance our birth mother is on the war path and were going to court the 7th for an "emergency custody" hearing (they filed)now our birth mother and guy on the certificate are trying to give my sister the condition "move back with mommy and let her keep the baby and we will allow you to see and raise him"

    now a little history our mother abandon my sisters and me when we were young before that we were moved around and abused physically and sexually by her and her boyfriends it was hell.

    now what should my sister do she has not been officially "served" nor has anyone told us what to do or what we need to do or take (proof and other documents wise)or what happens during an emergency case were a little lost out birth mother is claiming the child is uncared for that hes dirty and abused and that my sisters fiance is a danger none of which is true and note its our birth mother filing NOT the suspected father they have been harassing her on the phone and other means its just too much what should we expect or do
    please no rude or negative feed back we just would like to know where she should even begin
    sorry if anything is misspelled its just very frustrating
    also there has not been any paternity proved the baby could be the fiances baby this is the first and only thing to pop up like this.

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    Default Re: Child Cusduty Help Arizona

    Well, since they were unwed, Mom AND Legal Father had to have signed the paternity papers in order for his name to appear on the birth certificate. Mom could not have done that by herself.

    Paternity IS established. Now, where is the baby currently? And who exactly filed what?

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    Default Re: Child Cusduty Help Arizona

    You should have a friend who is better able to communicate help you compose your thoughts into something we can understand.

    This is an emergency custody proceeding filed by whom? Protective services? Alleging what against whom? Who presently has custody?

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    Default Re: Abuse and Neglect Allegations in a Custody Case

    thanks I was messaged on what to expect and do so is there a way to delete this or does it matter if its still up?

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