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    Default Bought Used Motorcycle, Title 14 Years Old, Different Name from Seller, It is Signed

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: NJ. I bought a used motorcycle the other day. I did not thoroughly inspect the title. I just glanced for mileage and that it was signed. Just noticed the name on the title does not match what the seller told me his name is. Also the title was issued in 1998. The seller's friend was the one who showed me the bike, and said the seller signed it already. I glanced to see signature. It was signed. Stupidly, I did not see the name and signature was different from name of seller. The signature did match the name on title, but not seller. Not sure if it is forged. Also the milage on title was 38k, mileage on bike is 39.5K. Speedometer cable is faulty and not registering speed or miles as of now. Possible tampering. Nothing else at all on the tile is filled out except for printed name of title holder and signature of title holder. I was stupid for buying the bike and didn't put it together until a couple of days after buying it. Now I notice a small leak of gasoline. Stupid me.

    I have the address and first name of seller's friend and phone number and first name of seller. I googled the seller's first name with the last name of title holder name. No results. Doesn't appear to be a relative. No bill of sale, like an idiot. I do have the seller sending me a text quoting the price and indicating intent to sell, and saved links to craigslist listing. I also have a friend with me who drove the bike back who witnessed the sale.

    I want to just call seller and tell him I'll return the bike with no questions asked for all my money back. I'm even willing to lie and tell him I spoke to my uncle who is an attorney for the state and he told me the sale is void and I'm entitled to my money back or legal action, and threaten that what the seller did is criminal. But if he says no, what can I do? Is there legal action I can take? Is what he did criminal? Is the sale void due to all the info I gave? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Bought Used Motorcycle, Title 14 Years Old, Different Name from Seller, It is Sig

    First and foremost, it does not appear that the seller's agent misrepresented anything to you. You knew he was not the owner named on the title, you knew that the owner's signature had been applied on another occasion, and you chose to proceed with the transaction knowing that the title had not been signed over in a proper manner. that suggests to me that, should you raise the issue, the seller could 'fix' the problem by properly executing a replacement title.

    When you took the motorcycle to your mechanic and discussed the odometer issue, what was your mechanic's estimate of the actual number of miles on the bike?

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