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    Default Firearms Charge (Straw Sale) In Florida

    Here In Florida I Was In The Firearms Buisness For About 10 Years Working For A Retail Company As A Store Manager...about 5 Years Ago ATF Charged Me With A Straw Sale And I Plead Guilty..i Spent 6 Months On House Arrest And 1 Year 34 Years Old Now And Thats The Only Thing On My Federal Record,ive Never Even Had A Speeding Ticket..i Cant Even Apply To Become A Mortgage Broker And Not Know If Im Going To Be Approved...since Its Can Ihave That Charge Removed??

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    Default Re: Firearms Charge (straw Sale) Florida

    Absent unusual circumstances (e.g., the conviction was illegal, the statute is later deemed unconstitutional or the conviction was obtained by government misconduct) there is no federal expungement, and you would have to obtain a Presidential pardon - something that is very hard to get.

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    Default Re: Firearms Charge (straw Sale) Florida

    thank you aaron..

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