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    Default How to Fight a Bogus TRO

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: CA

    An ex acquaintance filed a TRO against me. Hearing is coming up. Her allegations are that I was in constant contact with her by means of social media. Text email Facebook etc. at no time was there a threat, risk, or harassment. Seems frivolous to me and that rather than dealing with the friendship the relationship is being litigated. Response has been submitted already. How can this TRO possibly stand and what is the likelihood of her being slapped with fines for a frivolous suit?

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    Default Re: How to Fight a Bogus TRO

    Well, since we haven't seen the correspondence it's difficult to say.

    Were you messaging her when she requested that you not?

    (The chances of her being slapped at all is nil. Really)

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