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    Default Can You Get Unemployment While Working Part-Time

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: CA

    I have been receiving UI for the past couple of months(it was all back-pay cause I won my ALJ appeal) and i just started this past monday 8/20/12 at a new job but it is part time and I am going through training for the next 3 weeks which will be about 22hours a week. And when i start the actual work it will be about 29hours a week but that won't be till mid september. I read in the handbook that it said I could receive a fraction of UI from what i was originally getting when i was unemployed because I'm only part time now. Does anyone know if this is true that I can still collect if I'm working part time? thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Is It Possible to Still Receive UI While Working Pt

    Generally, yes, but for others reading know your state rules. For example, in NJ working 32+ hours per work even if you earn less than you're weekly benefit amount, you are not considered unemployed and you get nothing. In NY, working just 1 second on any one day in a week, and you just lost 25% of your UI check. Do it 4 times in a week, and you get nothing. In AZ, the exclusion is only $30/wk. With $4/gal gas, no FICA on UI benefits, and possible child care, you can end up netting less working that PT job than if you'd just kept looking for the right job.

    Understand that for most full-time workers that find themselves unemployed, part-time work would be unsuitable, and you can ligitimately refuse it provided you don't make a habit of applying for it. However, there are employers that advertise the perfect job, you apply, and at the interview they say, "it's going to start part-time then go full-time." You should run for the hills, and just say, "call me when you have a full-time opening."

    UI and PT work doesn't mix well unless you really understand the system and all the ramifications.

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    Default Re: Is It Possible to Still Receive UI While Working Pt

    On the other hand, some years ago I was laid off from my full time job, applied and was approved for UI benefits, worked a seasonal job for eight weeks (stopping my claim during the time and starting it up again when the job was over) and when my claim was about to expire, applied for and was hired into a part time position in a completely different field at a much lower level. At the suggestion of the UI office themselves I applied for a new claim when the old one expired, and was approved. The claim itself was for less money and I had to send them copies of my time sheets each week, but I did receive partial UI while working.

    So it can happen. The UI office in many cases would much prefer that you are working even part time and receiving partial benefits, than not working at all and receiving full benefits.

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