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    Default Grandparent Rights in New York State

    I live in Sullivan county, new york and my parents are trying to take grandparent right of my 3 month old son. Me and my boyfriend are still living and happily together. We never tell my parents they cant see the baby or anything. The thing is he is my real father but she is only my step mother. They barely try to take time to come see him or even make a call to see how he is doing. the day he was born the stayed 10 min and didnt even touch him. they are upset that i dont go see them but i dont have my own car, i use my boyfriends moms car to go to the places i need to. they are going after me for my child but they have 2 other girls that have grandchildren and they dont care about where they live or of they let them see the kids. One moved to another state and when my step mother asked to take one child in the summer for a little while the mother said no and she was alright with that. the other daughter (both are only her kids not my fathers) dont let them take her girls because the boyfriend says no and thats okay too. i dont understand what it is that they have against me when i tell them the are more then welcomed to come to see him. Can you please tell me if they are able to get any kind of visitations with out me and his father or even over nights?

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    Default Re: Grandparent Rights

    my parents are trying to take grandparent right of my 3 month old son.
    They don't have any rights to take.

    If you and the child's Dad want to tell your parents to shove off, you have the right to do so, and your step-mother doesn't get to say diddly-boo about it. You don't have to let ANYONE see your child if you don't want to.

    The state of New York only allows grandparent visitation petitions if one or both of the child's parents have died.
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