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    Default Check Fraud Charges

    I need help, information, suggestion.

    I have a relative who is up on multiple charges. She is a 56 year old woman who has never been in trouble with the law before.

    about 3 weeks ago she was let go from her job, a compnay she has help get started, based on age and race descrimination. She is currently taking care of her 80 year old father and her 90 year old uncle, and she is struggling finacially. Her uncle lives in a home but is also low on funds to keep up his rent. Out of desparation she took a key she had laying around and one night went into the office at her old job, took a check, filled it out and mailed it to pay for her uncle's rent. The place did not take the check and instead sent it back, so no money was exchanged.

    She is now brought up on charges of burglary, theft, check fraud, and recieving stolen property. I want to know what we are facing here? I dont want to see her go to jail. Some say it may not go pass the Preliminary hearing and she may only get probation and a fine. This is in the state of Pennsylvania.

    Any suggestions? Or what attorney should we get for her? In anyones' educated opinion what is she facing or more likely to recieve?

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    Default Re: Check fraud Charges

    Does she have a criminal defense lawyer yet? Her lawyer is the person who should be estimating the likely outcome. With no record, though, there's a high chance of probation.

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    Default Re: Check Fraud Charges

    She will probably get probation. They can charge you with what ever they want. The thing is they have to get the charges to stick. At court I bet half of those charges will be dropped and she will get probation. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Check Fraud Charges

    Yes, that is worth mentioning. Particularly if she has a lawyer, the plea bargain will likely involve the dismissal of some of the charges, or substitution of a less serious charge.

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    It has been a while. Well my family member who I menntioned in the previous post is scheduled for court November 6. We got her a defence lawyer. The charges she is facing are (4) counts of Burgulary; (4) counts of Theft; (4) counts of recieving stolen property. Surprisingly they didn't charge her with check fraud. I guess because there was no money exchanged. I am confused why there are 4 counts of everything. I am curious to find out what charges will they make stick and how will they prove it.

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