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    Default Retaliatory Accusation of Sexual Harassment

    Im not sure this is in the correct forum, but ill give it a shot anyways. My boyfriend started working for an real estate company in Michigan in which he does the billing and accounts receviable. His boss (not really a boss but she is higher on the rank then he is) who is the owners neice, was hiding his personal items, and loading him up with all her extra work. They had a discussion in which he told her she was *being a 5 letter work that starts with a B* not acutally calling her a bitch and that she needs to start doing her own work. She apparently didnt like this and as she left the office that day slapped him across the face. This was yesterday 9-19-06. He spoke with her manager about this and the manager put it off like thats just the way she is. THe next day he then spoke to the general manager who is her aunt (and the business owners wife) to inform her of what happened and she said that Jessica (the girl) is ready to appologize for hitting him. Then 2 hours later the gm comes out of the office and says that Jessica is accusing him of sexual harrasment which never happened. He is obvisouly getting a raw deal here. What steps should he take in order to keep a clean name and get out of this mess.

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    Default Re: Messy work place

    If there were only two people present, it's a "he said, she said" situation. If he's worried about what might happen he should consult an employment lawyer in his state.

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    Default Re: Retaliatory Accusation of Sexual Harassment

    thanks for the advice, i know that she is admiting that she hit him, she had told other co-workers about it. Im not sure what he wants to do. We figured the gm doesnt acutally plan on investigating this and only said that about the sexual harrasment to shut him up so he wouldnt file a report. Well see how the next week goes.

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    Default Re: Retaliatory Accusation of Sexual Harassment

    Your probably right, and just so you know, he could get fired for a SH claim. I would reccomend that your friend go work where the bosses won't act with such favortism (it is going to happen when family works for family). Sorry I can not offer anything else. If they do not drop the SH, then I would do as stated above, and speak to an employment attorney.

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