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    Default Nervous About My FiancÚ's Legal Troubles

    first im gonna go over his criminal history 6 years ago he got assult in the third(misdomeaner),criminal mischifin the 4th(misdomeaner),unlaw possession of pot(class a misdomeanor)all he got from them charges was a 115.00 fine and a year acd. then 3 years ago he had a bench warrant for traffic tickets not charged just had to pay for suspended license. he never had any felonys before. now he has to go back to court tomorrow thats why im sooo nervouse now just need advice on here from people who went through this or people who knows all about this. my fiance had a very good job 11.00 dollars an hour but after all the taxes they took out he hardly had anything left so he started stealing money here and there from work for his gas in his truck he loved his job so didnt want to get fired because he couldnt make it to work plus he needed his job because we have a son. he only stold all togther 70.00 his boss caught him and hes charged with falsefying buiesness records in the 2nd(class a misdomeanor)and petit larceny(class a misdomeanor). his boss told him if he paid back the money then it will be so much easier for him he paid it back but were not sure if ever dropped the charges against him. but this is 2nd time coming to court the first time they just told him he can get a lawyer. now hes going back tomorrow with his lawyer can anybody help us out and tell us what can happen to him,were both really nervouse and need any advice we can get thank you sooo much. and were in newyork state just in case yous need to know where were from

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    Default Re: im getting nervouse for my fiance please need advice

    Your FiancÚ is building himself quite the history as a petty criminal. He needs to clean up his act, or he's going to spend time behind bars. I hope his lawyer can help him.

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