My question involves business law in the state of: Georgia


I am the owner of a printing company. I recently had to let an employee go, I did not have the employee sign a non-disclosure or non-competitive agreement when I hired them. When the employee was hired, they were brought in as a designer and print production person. The former employee has been hired by another printing company, and is working as a salesperson for the new company.

It has come to my attention that the employee is contacting my customers and taking them as clients at their new place of employment. I believe the employee has made a copy of my client list and is using it to take clients from my business. What can I do at this time to prevent this from happening further?

Is it possible to contact law enforcement and have him charged with theft of intellectual property of something similar? The former employee did make a copy of all the customer files, and I believe they also made a copy of my contact list, this was done without my permission.

Please advise me in any possible action I may take, the former employee has already taken several clients and I have lost bids because of this.

Thank you