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    Default Employer's Ban on Double Coverage

    Can an employer or a group health plan say that they will not allow double coverage of health insurance or dental/vision insurance?

    My husband and I work for different parts of a large non-profit organization. We have always paid for our family to have coverage under the both of our plans to maximize benefits and minimize co-payments, etc.

    Today, I received a phone call from the benefits department that says because we have the same insurance, we cannot have double coverage under their group plans. We've been paying for it already for a year.

    Please help!!!!!

    PS- This is in Alameda County, California

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    Default Re: Employer's Ban on Double Coverage

    Yes, that seems reasonable. If you were covered by 2 different employers, then no, its not acceptable. But, there is no law against it (what state are you in) for the same employer.

    If they back date the cancellation, then you will receive a refund of premiums paid. If the cancellation is going forward, then one of you will have a larger paycheck.

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