My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California
I received a letter last year stating that I was over paid Ui benifits. of like $900 for a claim in jan 2009. at the time i was on regular ui benifits. but also working part time. i have since done workshare at times. i went to apply for work share and found out i have a 13weeks penalty also. they said i can still appeal it, even though I've almost paid off the over payment. so i would only be appealing the penalty. the over payment happened because at my job i don't always make a certain amount per hour, sometimes it more. I tried to assess it the best i could but apparently messed it up. ON accident though, I did not intend to fraud EDD. I'm afraid there might be other claim periods with similar overpayments that EDD did not catch. Should i appeal it? or will EDD further check up on other claim period, possibly resulting in more overpayments?. PLease help/ thamks