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    Default How to Get Out of Chapter 13 Early

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: California

    I filed Chapter 13 in Dec of 2008. My chapter 13 case is suppossed to be for 5 years at 30%, but I have already paid the 30% because some of my creditors did not file a claim. Is it possible for the Trustee to file my discharge early or do I need to complete the full 5 years of payments?

    My Attorney says I have a "50 - 50 chance" of being let go early without paying the remaining 70% to my unsecured creditors. Any thoughts?? Is this solely up to the Trustee to decide?

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    Default Re: How to Get Out of Chapter 13 Early

    After three years it is often possible to get an early discharge based upon payment of the balance of the repayment plan, but clearly there are facts known to your lawyer that are not known to us so we can't give a better answer than you've already received.

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