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    Default Emancipation for 16 and 14 Year Old Children in Texas

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Texas.

    My mom isn't a citizen, but she is allowed by the government to live here. Her and my stepdad split, and he moved out, but she's been dating some guy that me and my older sister don't know much about, and she's inviting him to spend the night and everything, without ever letting us know when he comes; this makes us feel uncomfortable and we feel that my mom doesn't really care what we have to say about how we feel about a man that we don't know staying at our house. Above this, she's mentioning that he might move in soon; knowing that he's married but got "kicked out of his house". My mom isn't allowed to go to Mexico for other reasons--and this man lives in Mexico. So we don't understand how my mom can trust him when she's not sure if he's telling her the truth about his life. Me and my sister don't want to live with her if this man is going to move in, because we don't feel very comfortable. I had previously mentioned to my mother that I would move in with my grandma if he was to move in, and all she said was that I can't do whatever I want. I just want to look further into this 'emancipation' thing, or I want to see if there is some way that me and my sister could move in with my grandma without it being called 'running away' or my grandma 'kidnapping'--because my mom has mentioned that when i talked to her about it.

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    Default Re: Emancipation for 16 and 14 Year Old in Texas

    Emancipation is not going to happen.

    Quoting Texas Emancipation Law

    Sec. 31.001. REQUIREMENTS.

    (a) A minor may petition to have the disabilities of minority removed for limited or general purposes if the minor is:
    • (1) a resident of this state;

      (2) 17 years of age, or at least 16 years of age and living separate and apart from the minor's parents, managing conservator, or guardian; and

      (3) self-supporting and managing the minor's own financial affairs.

    (b) A minor may file suit under this chapter in the minor's own name. The minor need not be represented by next friend.
    while I understand your fears, the problem is, unless you can show there is a reason to believe there is an actual reason for the fears, you will be required to remain with your mother. If you are in danger, contact the police or child protective services asap and report the issue to them.

    Unless your mother allows you to live with your grandmother, it just isn't going to happen either.

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