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    Post How Much Time Can You End Up Spending in Juvenile Detention

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Washington

    What had happened was, My mother decided to call the cops on me over getting upset at my equipment, I got very angry (She has done this numerous times before, It gets very tiring to listen to.)
    I had went down and said, Don't call the cops, You're acting ridiculous, We argued, I ended up shoving her after she started approaching me, Slapped the phone out of her hand, And it broke.

    She kicked me out and called the cops on the neighbors phone, She had told the cops i hit her, And that i ran away, So i am being charged with 4th degree assault, Evading police, And inturrupting a 911
    emergency call to the police, There is nothing i can do about it, And i would really appreciate knowing how much time i am looking at.

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    Default Re: How Much Time Can You End Up Spending in Juvenile Detention

    As much as the judge believes you need, at least until you age out of the system.

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    Default Re: How Much Time Can You End Up Spending in Juvenile Detention

    They will release you by age 18 at worst.

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