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    Default Can I Be Sued for Selling Allegedly Defective Goods, Four Months After the Sale

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California

    I post up some wheels (4 rims w/ tires) on Craigslist for sell at $2800. These are rare wheels and no longer in production. I originally purchased the wheels from another person 1yr prior and had it refinished. I was bored of the look and wanted something else, hence the reason for me selling these wheels.

    To make a long story short, the buyer contacts me via email and we've been in constant contact regarding the condition of the wheels and any "KNOWN" issues that I may be aware of and which I stated everything to him in my emails to him. We finally set a day (April 18, 2012) to meet up at a wheel shop for an inspection before he commits to buying the wheel. But since the tires were still on the wheels, the shop could not inspect the wheels but the buyer did inspect the wheels right there and then. Again, I reiterated all the known issues that I was aware of which were only visual queues. So after inspecting the wheels, he agreed to buy them and he gives me $2500 cash for them.

    4 and half months later, on July 31st, I get an email from him saying there were additional issues to the wheels when he sent them out to the wheel shop. All in all, the buyer wants me to refund him 50% of the $2500 that he paid for or in his own word "I urge you to settle this problem with me or I wil do everything I can to recoup all of my funds.".

    So my question is: since I disclosed all the known issues to him and he was there to inspect the wheels before making the purchase, can he really sue me and get his entire funds back?

    Your response is really appreciated!

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    Default Re: Can I Be Sued for Selling an Item on Craigslist After 4 Months Later

    He can sue, of course. But what you're really wanting to know is if he will prevail.

    No one here can answer that. If he sues, retain counsel and give all of the email to your attorney.

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