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    Default Childs Rights

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: south dakota

    what can happen to a parent if a child refuses visitation due to issues with a parent. Case in point my cousins daughter refuses to see her father even if her mother is held into contempt of court because her father drinks excessively when she is with him, he has unsecured weapons in the house and has even threatened her with a gun before. he he is very violent towards her and her mother thus the divorce and the daughter has accused sexual misconduct. the police have been called on several occasions but refuse to bein court involved claiming civil issue, the state has been involved but says claim unfounded. daughter is 15 and has told psychologist that she will under no circumstances ever see her father again even if it means her mother goes to jail which I dont blame her but does she need to expect any judgement in court

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    Until or unless the court changes the visitation order, kid goes does not get to make her own decision on this. Yes, Mom can be found in contempt of court. Yes, Mom can go to jail. That's a court ORDER, not a court suggestion.

    And if Mom goes to jail, guess where kid goes? If she's lucky, it will only be foster care and not juvie - or possibly Dad's house. After all, neither the cops nor the state has found any reason the kid should not be visiting Dad.

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    Yep. Either kiddo goes to VISIT dad until some sort of wrongdoing is substantiated with the courts or child services, or, kiddo risks mom loosing custody and being sent to LIVE with dad (as one possible outcome, and most kids don't find foster care or group homes much to their liking).

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