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    I have an acquaintance in which while at work, was stabbed. I am confused about how WC works, however is he entitled to compensation from the employer or anything to that affect. He used his insurance to cover the emergency room visit, stitches, xrays, etc. The stab wound was pretty bad, it required somewhere around 10-12 stitches I believe and it was deep enough that the doctor did "xrays" to check for internal bleeding or anything like that (not exactly sure why, but that he what he told me).

    I am just curious what his rights are. They have threatened to terminate him because there was a fight at his place of employment, and he got in the middle of it to break it up, in which was against the employers policies. That seems fishy, as if they are trying to take advantage of a minor by terminating him to prevent any sort of liability issues etc.

    The victim is 17 years old, this happened in New Jersey.

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    If he broke his employer's policies, he is subject to being disciplined whether or not he was injured.

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