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    Default Expungement After a Deferred Judgement in Iowa

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Iowa

    Hello and thanks for any help that can be provided.

    So i am having an issue with trying to get a job. I have had a few jobs and some say something about my background and others dont, and know this job isnt going to hire me because of my background so I wanted to look into this further.

    So back in 2007 i drove a car where 2 guys got out and got into it with someone else. I didnt step out of the car. Anyways long story short I was charged with Going Armed with Intent - Class D felony, Assault use/display of a weapon - agravated misdemenor, and burglary 1st degree. I received a defered judgement and was placed on probation for 1 year.

    Iowa has online court records where i can get on there and see all of the filings and everything about this case. When i get on there and view this case it shows both of those 2 charges as dismissed on there. Also in the filing notes it shows this this case was place in the expunged file because that was also what was suppose to happen to my understanding. So it says it was expunged. But there is nothing about the burglary on there site.

    So I went online and I payed for a criminal background check on my self from SentryLink. I get it back and it shows those 2 charges on there and both dismissed but than it has a 3rd charge and it says it was Burglary 1st Degree - Class B Felony and than under sentence it says Defered Judgement, Years = 1 Expunged, Probation Years = 1.
    So I called the county attorney and he says he looked into and everything is correct. So i called my old probation officer and she says that it must be an error with the clerk of courts. So i called the clerk of courts and they looked into and they state they see 2 charges and cannot tell me why or where this third charge is from. They got very upset and told me there was nothing else they can help me with and everything they could see was correct.

    So now i just dont know what to do. No one will help me or tell me what i need to do. This may all be correct and i just dont understand it all. But out of all those 3 charges and the 2 say dismissed and the third one that i wasnt even aware of being charged with says it was the defered judgement and it also says it should of been expunged.

    Also the 2 guys that got out of the car and actually did the crime were CHARGED with Assault use display of a weapon - agravated misdemeanor. and burglary in the 3rd degree - class D felony. So it really doesnt make since that i never got out of the car and i was charged with burglary in the 1st degree.?

    My name is Sheena

    Anything and all advise will be greatly appreciated or if i need to explain anything else in more detail i can.

    Thanks so much to anyone that has advice

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    Default Re: Expungement After a Deferred Judgement in Iowa

    You appear to be stating that there is no problem with the official state record - that the state granted expungement and is following the order - but that some information remains in a private database that some employers use for their background checks. If the state's information is correct, there is nothing for the state to correct within its own system. If there's a private database out there somewhere, whether it's owned by the database company at issue or simply used by it in association with the checks they run, you need to address the issue of any errors with the proprietor of that private database.

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