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    Default Malpractice on Shoulder Surgery

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: Indiana

    Hello, I have a few question about somethings that have come to my attention this past two weeks, but first let me explain my past history..

    On July 18 of 2011 I was injuryed on the job... I was sent to the companys clinic for a shoulder injury.. After my first appointment with them.. I was sent for a MRI on my Left Shoulder that showed a torn Labrum... So I was referred to my first Othropedic doctor. On my first visit to the doctor the following week the doctor didnt believe I had a torn labrum and it was a Rotator Cuff strain... So I procceded to do Therpy for two weeks and on my next visit I told him it didn't help as much. So, He scheduled me a MRI Anthrogram and that shown a tear in the back of my shoulder. Me and the Dr discussed treatments and I opted for the shots first over the surgery. After three weeks of therpy that didnt have any help over the shoulder. So, he gave me another shot and it didnt even help at all. So, I called and told his assistant that I wanted to have surgery and before it was decided I had to meet with the doctor. I had a appointment with him to talk about surgery. So when he comes in he starts talking about how its not the shoulder and that he wants me to do workmans conditioning. Thats when, I refused it and hired a workers comp lawyer. He scheduled me with this orthopedic group in Indiana.

    I meet with this new doctor in Oct and he said that my MRI did shown a torn labrum in the back of my shoulder and I had surgery with in two weeks. The surgery was appoved and during the surgery the doctor noticed a tear in the front of my shoulder and fixed it. While, I was confused about the tear being in the front of the shoulder and not the back. But he repaired the tear up front and to my knowledge he looked in the back of my shoulder for a tear and didnt find it. So, two months went by and my shoulder wasn't doing any better and I was sent back for another MRI anthrogram. This MRI didnt show any tears from what the doctor and mri specialist could see. The doctor asked me what I wished for him to do and I asked him for another scope to find out what the matter was. While the doctor was in the room prior to surgery. I told him that, I had pain in the back of my shoulder along with the front and he said he would look into it with a decompression exam. While the surgery shown that the front of my shoulder had a unhealed labrumup front he and he repaired it agian while saying the decompression didnt show anything. So two months go by agian and I had the same problems. I was sheduled for another MRI anthro gram and that shown nothing agian what that doctor said. So I took two shots of injections and had to wait a month to see if that help. Well, that didnt help at all and my doctor told me he didnt know what to do anymore. My workers comp adjuster wanted to get another opinion and I was scheduled to see my new doctor two weeks ago.

    So, While at this doctor appointment my new doctor informs me that I have a complete tear all the way around my labrum and it was shown in all three of my MRI Anthrograms. I was very upset at that. One reason is that my first surgery was to repair the back of my shoulder, but my doctor said the tear was up front of the shoulder and he repaired that. Second is, when I told him about the back of my shoulder in pain prior to the second surgery he said thier was no tear in the back after the surgery. Third is, I just got done with a EMG test today at the request of my new doctor to see if thier is any nerve damage. The test came back positive for Mild nerve damage do to the surgerys. So now I'm going through pre-test to my next surgery which is gonna be scheduled at the end of the month in Aug.

    Anyways the reason, I'am writting this today is to see if my Prior two doctors preformed some sort of malpractice before I contact a lawyer about this.

    Thankyou for reading this and I await your comments. If you wish to know anything else please ask. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Malpractice on Shoulder Surgerys

    You are living my life. LOL

    Read my thread and compare:

    I spoke with several local attorneys about this. Basically, the investment to prove medical malpractice is huge. The burden of proof is difficult. Trying to get 1 doctor to call another a hack is damn near impossible. Unless the potential payday is HUGE, they aren't going to be interested. In my case and likely yours, it's not worth their time.

    Was there 2 tears in my shoulder from day 1? Yes. Did the surgeon miss one? Yes. Did it cause all kinds of problems for me? It still is. Will my partial disability be greater because of it? I think that's obvious. Will an attorney take the case? Not unless I lost the arm as a result.

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    Default Re: Malpractice on Shoulder Surgerys

    Spoke with a a paralegal today with one of the law firms here in IN and I have a appointment with a lawyer tomorrow.

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