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    Default Who Inherits if a Will Cannot Be Found

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Illinois

    I had found out that a relative of mine had passed away, but I was never notified until I found out online when I came across the obituary. I did not know that relatives on his wives side was around or even existed. She had passed away years before. I was not aware as to who had even made funeral arrangements and attempting to get in contact with them.

    A few questions. I am blood relation to him, the others are by marriage (nephews to the deceased wife), while I am the only on his side left. What can and will happen with the estate if there is not a will found? Including his property, as I would love to get back photos and heirlooms of his for one.

    Also, I know at one time there was a will, and both my grandmother and mother were both listed in it as beneficiaries. Both have since passed away. IF he never changed it (he was up there in years...big time), What would happen with those if there was no stipulation as to transferring upon their death. Would that be something that would go down to me, or is it not that simple?

    Just trying to get facts while I await hearing from them. Also, I was listed on the obituary, so they do know of me, what would I do if they do NOT contact me or try to deal out the estate without contacting me?

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    Default Re: Death, Estates, Etc

    A wife's heirs do not stand to inherit from this person's estate if he died without a will naming these folks.

    I wouldn't even presume an estate exists or that this stuff you're referring to wasn't given or tossed away before or after he died.

    It's unclear who you mean by "they", but all people can tell you to do is contact the probate court in the jurisdiction where this person lived.

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    Default Re: Death, Estates, Etc

    The they is nephews and nieces from the wife's side. Im not sure who even settled or made arrangements with the funeral home. The funeral home would not give me info except to pass on my info to whoever. So I am not sure what is going on. I know there is an estate, he had quite a bit of assets including a home (over 100,000 in value).

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    And if there is no will saying anything to them, what would be done with everything? I checked (best I could for IL, since I do not see anything to search for records of this kind) and could not find any probate or anything on this either

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