My question involves criminal law for the state of: New York
Recently a friend of mine responded to an online job posting for the position of personal assistant for a businessman in the Philippines looking to find someone to handle his American affairs. She very quickly got a response from someone saying that her e-mail had been looked over and she'd been hired. All she had to do was deduct her weekly pay from the money he sent her and remit the rest... back to an address in the Philippines.

When she told me what he wanted to her to do I immediately became suspicious and asked her to forward me all of the e-mails he sent. I quickly ascertained that she was about to be an unwitting accomplice in money laundering and told her that she should under no circumstances do anything that the person asked her to.

Here's the rub: before I got involved, the person already sent her a package and it is sitting in her house right now. I don't want her to get in trouble, but I don't want these people to get away scot-free to do this to someone else. What should she do?