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    Default Recovering Money or Keeping Rented Property After Loss Claim, Payment

    My cousin rented a camera from a camera rental website. The camera was stolen, and she filed a report. The company charged her for the full price of the camera, and her credit card denied it. So they wrote it off to collections. She worked with collections and has paid most of it off. (was a $5000 camera) and someone returned the camera yesterday, said they found it under a bridge at the park she was at when it went missing. Does she need to send the camera back to the rental place even though she's paid most of it off with collections? She won't get that money back. Does the company still own the camera even though they wrote it off to collections and it's been paid for out of her pocket?

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    Default Re: Rented a Camera, Was Stolen and They Sent It to Collections- Have a

    She should contact the company and explain the circumstances. They will advise her on the best way to proceed. Amazing that the camera sat there for so long unfound, with your cousins name and contact info attached.

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    Default Re: Recovering Money or Keeping Rented Property After Loss Claim, Payment

    Your cousin can contact the rental company about her options, including whether they would refund the difference between what she has paid (presumably less collection costs) and the rental value of the camera over the time it was misplaced.

    If they say, "Once you pay off the full $5,000, it's yours," she can ask them to commit to that in writing, pay off the balance, and keep the camera.

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