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    Default Status of Company Equipment After Termination

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Florida

    Hello, I was fired from my position as a Sales Manager for a major corporation. My manager called me on the phone at home to terminate me. He told me he would have a pre paid box delivered to me to return the 2 computers, smartphone and tablet the company gave me for the job. I never received the pre paid box from DHL and I contacted the corporation several months later.
    They said they would contact my manager and have him send me the pre paid box. It has been 8 months and still no pre paid box.
    My question is can the corporation sue me for the equipment even though I have followed their instruction's even calling to tell them I never received the pre paid box. I have it in a box in a closet and have not touched it since I was fired. Also is there a point where they could not sue me. Thank you

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    Default Re: Status of Company Equipment After Termination

    Yes, they can sue you, but why would they? They're clearly not all that interested in getting the equipment back any time soon. If you want to CYA, then send a certified letter to the appropriate manager stating you have the equipment and are ready, willing and able to return it as soon as they send the prepaid box they keep promising to send. And do be sure to keep a copy of the letter and the signed registration when it comes back.

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